Europe is leading thermal research world‐wide in terms of thermal measurement and modelling techniques. The aim
of the present project is to help maintain this leadership in the specific field of LEDs. The European lighting industry
aims at reducing cost, at continuously improving product performance while reducing time to market and enlarging
the product.

The main challenge for the design in of LED components into lighting systems is the temperature and current
dependence of their performance.

In order to achieve a good design of LED systems, a modular, multi‐physics based modelling approach is needed – this
way allowing the freedom for LED component integrators to use such models in any kind of luminaire designs. In
order to overcome those key challenges, seamless integration of the LED in the product development chain is
necessary. For that a bridge, in the form of standardization, has to be established between the semiconductor
industry and the LED component integrators.
In order to achieve this, the following tools have to be provided:

  • Generic, multidomain model of LED chips
  • Compact thermal model of the LED chips’ environment
  • Modeling interface towards the luminaire

The goal of the project is to develop a standardized method to create multi‐domain LED compact models from testing